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G100 was born as the result of a collaboration between Hall Precision and Defense Distributed for a zero-precent chassis.

Project GØ

Create a firearm that could be entirely milled on a Ghost Gunner 3 desktop CNC mill, resulting in a reliable handgun machined from a single block of unregulated steel

The result was the G0 Chassis, which took the traditional Glock(TM) 19 Gen3 handgun and moved the frame parts from the polymer frame to a metal chassis. In liberating the G19 style handgun from it’s polymer frame, it opened up the potential for use of the G0 Chassis in products like Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) shells and user created (3D printed) grip modules while maintaining the benefit of Glock(TM) magazines and aftermarket parts.

The G100 platform is our effort to bring this product from the home milling machine market to the general consumer. You can now enjoy all of the benefit of the innovation between Hall Precision and Defense Distributed without having to buy a CNC mill.