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A modular handgun platform based on open-source architecture.
Infinitely configurable. Compatible with GLOCK Gen3 components.

The Receiver

The 120R Receiver combines the locking block, slide spring seat, trigger housing and slide rails into a unified metal frame, serving as the serialized core. This single-piece approach ensures congruent slide rails and enhanced overall stiffness. Compatible with GLOCK 19 Gen3 parts, simply install the trigger group and slide lock into the receiver, secure it into a grip module, and match with your favorite slide.

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Grip Modules

Purchase interchangeable Grip Modules online in durable Multi-Jet Fusion PA11 Nylon. Shipped directly to your door. Have an idea for a better Grip Module? Enjoy full customization with an OEM downloadable digital twin. Industry partners welcome, we aim to build a bigger sandbox. Download. Start modeling & modding. 🤙

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Our receivers are precision CNC machined in our in-house machine shop from a solid bar of steel, hardened and tempered, and then treated with black nitride for superior wear and corrosion resistance. Grip modules are 3D printed out of durable Nylon 11 with Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Designed and Manufactured in Texas

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